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Anyone know of something comparable to Purina EN?

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Anyone know of something comparable to Purina EN?

Post  good2go on 2/7/2012, 9:07 pm

By that I mean is there any food out there that's easier to find which does the same thing as EN. It was "prescribed" by my vet today as my little guy has diarhea really badly. However, in trying to find it someplace other than the vets I'm having a hard time. So, I was wondering if there was anything else that is just like it, but easier to find in places like Wally world or Petco, etc. TIA for any advice.


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Re: Anyone know of something comparable to Purina EN?

Post  northernwitch on 2/7/2012, 9:11 pm

A lot depends on what's causing the diarrhea. Do you know?

when my dogs have diarrhea, I make boiled chicken--no skin no fat--with overcooked white rice and some canned pure pumpkin. And I add a non-dairy, lactose free acidophilus capsule to help keep the good flora in the gut going.

Most of the vet diets are just that--vet diets that can only be purchased in a vet's office.

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