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Pet Ownship Guidelines....

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Pet Ownship Guidelines....

Post  northernwitch on 3/20/2012, 3:10 pm

An excellent overview of responsible pet ownership--although I have different ideas about annual vaccines and would like to have seen something on nutrition--those are issues that pale by comparison to general irresponsible pet ownership.


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Re: Pet Ownship Guidelines....

Post  SacramentoPugs on 3/20/2012, 3:44 pm

Well written. I wish everyone in the world had to sign that before owning a pet.

The main change/addition I would make would be to this section:

Avoiding impulsive decisions about obtaining pet(s), and carefully selecting pet(s) suited to your home and lifestyle.

I think I'd want to add something about the source of the pet -- something like "not obtaining the pet from a pet store, puppy mill, via an internet purchase, or from a for-profit breeder."

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Re: Pet Ownship Guidelines....

Post  ocnside on 3/21/2012, 8:55 am

It is well written...

There should be rules to have human babies as well

.................unfortunately, the general public will not be changing anytime soon :(

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Re: Pet Ownship Guidelines....

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