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Post  Eiyer on 4/6/2012, 10:28 pm

Ok, so I'm ok feeding him the canned food exclusively? He loves the Purina Alpo Lamb and Rice. It is about the only thing besides actual real meat that he'll eat. He won't each much of anything...I'm just not sure what to do. As far as teeth health, I don't know...he won't chew on anything, won't play with any toys, won't eat snacks, or those sticks that are good for teeth. He just likes to sleep, go for a walk, and eat. Nothing much else.


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Post  Pugsaunt on 4/7/2012, 4:35 pm

I don't think that you have to switch to kibble. Someone on the other thread suggested that you get a good quality canned food (e.g., Wellness or Taste of the Wild) and start mixing it in with the Alpo - just a bit at first and then gradually increase the good stuff and decrease the Alpo. That is a good idea, and worth trying. Penny is very picky about her treats, but she will go for a bully stick. Might be worth trying. I'm not sure where you live, but I know that Petco and Petsmart are now carrying the Wellness brand.

As far as your puggie starving to death, I don't think that is going to happen. Pugs are stubborn, as a rule, and every one I have known has the 'starving puggie' routine perfected. Some of us have a ten minute rule - what isn't eaten by ten minutes after the bowl goes down gets taken up.

I would consider getting your boy used to dental care - take a piece of gauze and rub the outsides and tops of his teeth when he is sitting in your lap. It may take a while to get him used to it. But it is a start on dental care.

I do applaud your concern for your puggie. This place is a wealth of information, so please keep asking questions. And we love pictures (hint, hint).

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