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Vivian no longer likes her omega oils?

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Re: Vivian no longer likes her omega oils?

Post  Rebecca and the Pugs on 4/22/2012, 8:05 pm

Has it become rancid? The holistic vet has me keep mine in the fridge, and she said even then it only lasts a few months.
Rebecca and the Pugs

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Re: Vivian no longer likes her omega oils?

Post  ForeverHopper on 4/22/2012, 8:06 pm

Not quite sure why she does that but have you thought about trying to give coconut oil instead? It tastes great and sure as heck smell much better. Google it online to see all the benefits you get from it. I posted some below. It's even good for you to take as well. I buy mine from Vitacost.com if I can't get to my healthfood store. Nutiva is the brand I buy.




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Re: Vivian no longer likes her omega oils?

Post  Pugsaunt on 4/23/2012, 3:42 pm

I know that it is not unusual for antibiotics to put human taste off, so it is not surprising that it would do it for a pug. Maybe the coconut oil will be better tasting for her.

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Re: Vivian no longer likes her omega oils?

Post  Renee on 4/23/2012, 3:53 pm

We just recently switched to coconut oil too. Pugs don't seem to even notice it, although, I am going through it much quicker than I did the fish oil. We had little capsules of fish oil, but the coconut oil is just in a jar, so I am scooping it out for each pug.

I figure I may do a little switching back and forth between the two, just for variety. I wish the coconut oil wasn't a solid though. Would be nice to just pour a little on there without having to heat it up every evening. I bet the pugs would like if I switched to coconut syrup, hehe!!

I bet Viv is just tired of her old stuff and is ready for some new stuff! Very Happy

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Re: Vivian no longer likes her omega oils?

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