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"Prescription Food"

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"Prescription Food"

Post  Not Afraid on 7/20/2012, 6:46 pm

I've been on sort of a rant about prescription food lately. I fully realize that, in SOME (ie: a few) cases, one of the prescription diets may be beneficial for a pet who has a specific and chronic illness. But, the concept of a food being "Prescription" seems ridiculous. Doe prescription food contain a controlled substance that only specific people can grant access too? Do the manufacturer's impart some voodoo spell on the food formula to make it work it's magic?

Then there's the INCREDIBLE mark-up of these prescriptions foods where it becomes in the vet's best interest to "prescribe" specific foods that THEY sell, so the profits all go to the vet.

If a prescription diet is THE miracle solution to a medical issue, then why don't we have prescription food formulas for people with chronic illnesses? And why can't a pet's diet be altered to give it the nutrition necessary to aise their health?

I've been a big believer in healthy diets for both people and pets for a very long time. My own health issues with my pets have been directly minimized after I started feeling them what I believe to be a well-rounded diet.

Now, with a threat looming to MY choices about how I feed my pet, I am afraid of the long-term ramifications.

Rant over (for now), but feel free to rant along :)
Not Afraid
Not Afraid

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