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Leg Issue - Thoughts?

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Leg Issue - Thoughts?

Post  Amanda on 8/8/2012, 8:37 pm

I'm sure many of you already saw on Facebook that Nell needs LP surgery. What's perplexing is that I originally took her in about her right leg as it is just giving out on her. When the vet examined her he said the right knee is fine. He couldn't even get the knee to pop out. The left, however, really needs surgery. So, we'll be doing that but everyone is perplexed about the right leg. About 2 weeks ago, it just suddenly started to go out from under her. It happens a few times/day and after a few steps and scoots, she rights herself and gets back on it and is fine. She doesn't limp afterwards, etc and it mostly happens when she's moving quickly or worked up (when I'm getting dinner ready, etc). Her neuro check was fine and the vet isn't leaning towards a neuro issue because it's sporadic. She doesn't seem to be in pain. Just this morning, she thought I was going to take her cookie for some reason and ran away from me. The leg went out and it didn't even phase her. She just kept running, dragging the leg for a few steps then got it together and kept going. It's really odd.

When we went to the vet last week, he said it may be some kind of injury and said to just have her rest it a bit and see how it goes. She's not gotten any better but not any worse either. He's talked to the ortho vet who said it could be a cruciate tear but it's still odd that it doesn't seem painful and there's not any pronounced limping. He said usually if there's a tear that's bad enough to be causing issues he can feel it on exam. We can obviously x-ray it but since we need to meet with the ortho vet anyway about the LP surgery, he wants her to examine it and see if she picks up on anything different. If she doesn't then we'll x-ray.

Just thought I'd throw it out there in case anybody has experienced anything similar. Our vet was going to call the ortho vet back today and see when we can get in to see her (she sees patients in my vet's office).

Amanda, mom to Nell, Lucy & Ava

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Re: Leg Issue - Thoughts?

Post  Puggered on 8/9/2012, 3:08 pm

That's weird, because it really sounds like a luxating patella from your description, but if the vet couldn't budge it, I guess it wasn't.

Hip maybe? Although I cannot really imagine that a hip joint slipping out would be as easy to slip back into place as a knee...once they're out they usually stay out, don't they?

Hopefully the ortho and/or X-rays will lead to a definite diagnosis. And hopefully it's something easily fixed, meantime crate rest perhaps to minimise any further damage?

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Re: Leg Issue - Thoughts?

Post  leslyeb on 8/9/2012, 10:47 pm

You know, that is just weird! Taz had LP surgery years ago. The only reason I knew something was wrong is that he would just scream out sometimes. When I would look at him, he would just be standing there. He did not limp. He did stop going up and down stairs, but he was an odd boy and always had some freaky issue so it did not really seem out of the ordinary. It was only because he would scream out that I finally took him to the doctor.

I had suspected that Ruby had bad knees, and it was confirmed the other day when I took her to the doctor for something else.

I will be very interested to see what the ortho doctor says

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Post  nicolejohn on 9/1/2012, 6:29 pm

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Re: Leg Issue - Thoughts?

Post  pugsrule on 10/3/2012, 8:28 pm

That does sound like LP maybe its just not advanced enough for them to tell by moving the knee?My Moosh had LP surgery last Feb.She had it for 2 years before she showed any symptoms and by then it had progressed very rapidly.Looking back one of the first weird things that happened..one morning she was sitting in the living room,couldnt stand up and had peed all over.It lasted a couple hours,vet said they couldnt find anything wrong..happened again about a year latter..fast forward another year and she became a three legged pug.It seemed like it happened over night as there werent many signs.It was well worth the $1500.00 as she now acts like a very much younger girl!Im very much interested in what you find out also.:)

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Re: Leg Issue - Thoughts?

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