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Found Pug ...

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Found Pug ...

Post  Banditsmom on 8/21/2012, 1:33 pm

First thank you all of you for your assistance and comments regarding reverse sneezing. Yes, that is what Bandit was doing. It became a bit excessive for about a week but it seems to have gone away. We are thinking he had a "cold", and now it seems to be gone. The vet says that really doesn't happen, but they can have "spells". Anyway, he is doing much better!!! Yah!!! Regardless he had a full checkup and all is well.

While we were at the vet they mentioned that someone had found a Pug in Port Charlotte. The person that found it wants to find the owner, but if not found will keep it. I recall seeing a post not too long ago about a stolen pug in Punta Gorda. Don't know if they are related, but thought I would ask here??? The vet is located in Nokomis, and is called Brandt Veterinary Clinic. If that pug is still missing, this could be it.

let me know or contact the vet directly as they have the "finders" information. (941) 485-1555.


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