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Post  Banditsmom on 10/19/2012, 2:59 pm

About two weeks ago, Bandit was in his bed chewing on his nylabone while relaxing. A little while later I heard a funny noise and saw that he had a small chunck of the bone in his mouth. I removed it and then went to take the bone away. This was an orange and bone colored bone, and then I noticed a whole end of the bone was missing. I looked everywhere for this piece, in his bed, on the couch, on the floor, in the couch, etc. I vacummed the house and looked everywhere. Needless to say I have never found it. A short time later he got down off his bed and vomited all over the floor. I did not see any pieces from the bone in the vomit. Later he was relaxing and seemed fine. He ate, he pooped, and he wanted to play. The next morning when getting up, he rolled over next to me, sat up, and then vomited again. This time it was yellow. I scooped him up and took him into the bathroom. He seemed fine, so we went for a walk, he then pooped, and wanted to eat when we came back in the house. Later that morning, he vomited again. He was tired much of the day, but by early evening he was ready to play, poop, and eat again. So I thought he was ok. The following morning he woke up with me and proceeded to vomit yet again. At this point it was Monday and I decided to take him to the vet, with the bone I took away from him.

The vet gave him and examination and took X-Rays, though told me it would be a 50/50 shot to see anything in his stomach if it was a nylabone. Anyway, she saw nothing. Said he has no blockage and take him home. She gave us a medicine that is supposed to prevent vomiting and help move things through his intestine. We watched to ensure he ate, and drank, and poopped, and played as normal, which he did. We never saw anything out of the ordinary in his poop. He was fine for a week, so we decided to stop the medicine. A day or two later he vomited again. So we put him back on it. I Just stopped the medicine last night, but I am worried, and don't know what to do. The vet said the next step could be an ultra sound, though it too would be a 50/50 shot on whether anything could be seen even if it was in there. I don't even know if there is anything in his tummy, or if he is just plain sick.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated??? We just want to be sure he is ok and that we have exhausted all our efforts to ensure our little boy is ok.


Bandits Mom

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Re: Suggestions???

Post  Ginapug on 10/19/2012, 5:34 pm

I am so sorry for your family and little Bandit. Is he getting any better? Have you thought about a second opinion? I think that is maybe what I would do. . . pHugs and kisses to your little one!


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Re: Suggestions???

Post  thminis on 10/20/2012, 12:27 am

There are other things that can cause vomiting (pancreatitis, giardia, kidney or liver issues...etc). Did they run bloodwork? Common signs of blockage are vomiting, no stools, bloody stools, high white blood cell count, fever, lethargic, painful tummy... So is Bandit keeping water down? Did Bandit vomit ever while on the anti nausea (that would be a worry).

I would consider the ultra sound and making sure the radiographs are read by a radiologist (we email out our rads to a specialist via email consult). Also, have they considered a barium series with anti nausea injections??? They could maybe see where the barium is hitting or stopping or going more slowly.

I work at a vet's, and our specialist board certified surgeon said that if we don't have a couple of negative/normal exploratory surgeries per year, we're doing something wrong and missing true cases. Not saying you should jump straight to surgery, but it sounds like diagnostics aren't at a halt yet. I know the financial part of it is crappy, but I'd try to explore all possible routes.

Good thoughts for little Bandit. I know how frustrating and scary undiagnosed sickness and vomiting is. :(

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Re: Suggestions???

Post  Aussie Witch on 10/21/2012, 6:44 am

I think Theresa has things covered well so I am going to send good thoughts. It certainly sounds like further investigation is needed.
Aussie Witch

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Re: Suggestions???

Post  dieselsmom on 10/21/2012, 8:43 am

I was going to suggest barium xrays and or the ultrasound, neither of which are very expensive. Though if he's keeping down water and pooping normal stools I'd be less inclined to think blockage vs another cause for the vomiting.

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Re: Suggestions???

Post  PugLady3 on 10/22/2012, 10:11 am

Nothing to add except that I hope he's feeling better soon and I love that picture! Very, very cute! pug2

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Re: Suggestions???

Post  Not Afraid on 10/23/2012, 3:23 am

My very next step would be barium with x-ray. Sometimes the barium alone will push things through or straighten it out. I've had that happen to me with both cats and dogs.

The other thing I would look at is what kind of Nyla bone was it? I know they started making them so that they will disolve. I'm not sure if all of them are manufactured this way though.

Also, for bones to chew, I've had good response with Zukes which are potato based and will disolve.
Not Afraid

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Re: Suggestions???

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