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ripped pug nail

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ripped pug nail

Post  kay-xo on 3/21/2013, 5:59 am

My pug Flash has caught his nail, it's only bleeding a TINY amount, he doesn't seem to notice...no limping or licking etc. Will it be okay or...?
help please :(

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Re: ripped pug nail

Post  LisaIzzyAggy on 3/21/2013, 7:06 am

My Izzy ripped her nail off a couple of months ago. You need to get into the vet. I was told there is a very high likelyhood of it becoming infected and that once infected it was very difficult to get rid of the infection. She put Izzy on antibiotics and had me soaking her foot in a betadyne solution for 10 days.

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