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Chronic diarrhea & vomiting

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Chronic diarrhea & vomiting

Post  jlgove on 4/11/2013, 8:47 pm

My Charlie has chronic diarrhea and vomiting. He's being cared for by a vet, but the metroz...whatever, only keeps him going for really one week after he stops taking it. Then you can see the tummy troubles starting to build up again. At this point he cannot have poultry (chicken, duck, turkey), beef, seafood, corn, wheat, rice, white potatoes, or any products that are derived from these. He is eating venison and sweet potato kibble but can't have the canned food because it has salmon oil in it. I tried pumpkin, but he won't eat it and he won't eat vegetables. He is taking two Pepcid a day thirty minutes before his two meals. Charlie is a young dog (less than 3 yrs) and they can't seem to figure out how to help him. He's almost died twice now. Charlie's original vet had him on Endosorp and it seemed to be maintaining him, but I moved and his current vet won't let him have it and I don't know if it would help now anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hate that distressed look on his little smoochie face when his stomach is hurting and I never know when it is going to become critical again (or why).


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Post  Miss Pugg on 4/11/2013, 9:34 pm

My Boston Terrier had Lymphangiectasia and could only eat kibble made from rabbit. If that hadn't worked, she was going to go on kangaroo kibble. She was allowed white potatoes too. That was it, nothing else, no treats, nothing. She also had Cushings, PLE and IBD so her poor tummy was really miserable until we found a vet who diagnosed the diseases. She'd had steroids before which caused some problems also. Non stop diarrhea was what alerted me to her problems but her former vet never could find the answer & she was on 13 pills a day (the dog, not the vet). With the new vet, she took almost nothing. She went to the Bridge in June of last year from a possible heart attack or clot (we didn't do a necropsy). Best of luck with your dog.
Miss Pugg
Miss Pugg

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Re: Chronic diarrhea & vomiting

Post  lisamak on 4/13/2013, 8:57 am

I'm sorry to hear how rough things are for Charlie. Do you have a definitive diagnosis? Here's some suggestions that may help stabilize him long-term:

1) try Honest Kitchen's Perfect Form (info here: http://www.thehonestkitchen.com/supplements/perfect-form.html)...this is basically a natural alternative to the metrodiazinole (I know I spelled that wrong!) and can be used every day for the rest of his life if necessary...basically its a powder you add a little water to and serve it up (over food or plain, most dogs and cats love the taste)...it soothes the digestive/intestinal tract and stops it from spasm-ing (like the metro)...it doesn't have the nasty neurological side effects the metro does either

2) switch him to canned food...the extra moisture will help him considerably (poor guy is pretty dehydrated with all the "return to sender" action) and he may not be able to break down the kibble because of the baking/extruding (I have a no-kibble dog myself, can't break it down so we just went to raw)...here's some to try that are good for IBS/IBD issues: Wellness Simple Solutions (variety of proteins), Lotus (they're coming out with a goat that would be a good novel protein to try), Addiction (variety of novel proteins like rabbit, venison, kangaroo), Canine Caviar (novel proteins including rabbit, beaver, etc.)

3) consider switching him to a dehydrated raw food (or a traditional raw food)...the blandest IMHO is Honest Kitchen's Keen (turkey and oat, very easy on the belly and tasty, gluten-free)...for traditional raw I like Primal (also available freeze-dried so you just crumble and add water before serving), they do offer novel proteins like ostrich and quail...Addiction also does dehydrated raw in novel proteins like kangaroo and brush tail (they also now do a prescription-like dehydrated raw that has no meat in it)

Honest Kitchen will send you samples - just go to their website or Facebook page and fill out the form. Addiction will do the same but they don't have a form - I'd send them an email or give them a call. Both are brands I've used and I recommend regularly. Depending on what you have for earthy-crunchy type pet shops in your area you may/may not find some of these brands locally...but you can look at Entirelypets.com, PetfoodDirect.com, Wag.com. All good sites to order from and pretty much all offer decent coupons or free shipping.

And I know some of what I suggested may be contra-indicated on your list (I presume he had allergy testing or food sensitivity testing?) but what I've found (I've been in the animal nutrition biz for a while now) is that they react to a couple of things (obvious ones like corn, grain, a protein, etc.) and then the body is pretty much going to react to everything else it gets that day (which is why you end up with a ten page list of things they're allergic to supposedly, which includes things you've probably never heard of before LOL). If you haven't done allergy testing I like and recommend Dr. Dodd's test (you can do at home)...Its called Nutriscan and you can get more info here: http://nutriscan.org.

I hope things get better soon, he's far too young to feel so bad most of the time (and this isn't easy on you either). I think the Perfect Form is key and then switching him to a canned food he can digest so he keeps his food in and keeps some weight on (guessing he's pretty skinny).

Good luck and keep us posted!

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Post  bigdogtexas on 6/22/2013, 8:31 pm

I treat this kind of problem daily.  We have a real high success rate with Fruitables DS, and Microflora or PawMedX probiotics.  I agree putting him on a wet food would help, though I'd prefer Precise.  Precise Sensicare is a great food at a great price that helps stop these issues pronto!  Let me know how it goes...

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Re: Chronic diarrhea & vomiting

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