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Punch skin biopsy

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Punch skin biopsy

Post  pugsrule on 5/23/2013, 10:11 pm

Hi.has anyone had this done on there pug?Jades holistic vet wants to do this to find out more info on her yeasty bacterial allergy skin issues.Is it worth the money,being put under and such?

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Re: Punch skin biopsy

Post  donnag on 5/24/2013, 9:52 am

I could be wrong but I didn't think you had to be put under for a punch biopsy. My girl had to have a biospy on her lip which they did put her under but it was light sedation, to me it was worth every penny to know that her growth was non cancerous.

Other people have had more experience with this than I have so hopefully you can get a better answer.

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