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Stenotic Nares

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Stenotic Nares

Post  mwalter1 on 6/25/2013, 9:16 pm

So my 13 week old one-eyed pug is at it again.  Last night, we were up most of the night with coughing fits so I took her in as soon as the vet doors opened this morning.  He said she was having another allergic reaction but both him and the vet tech mentioned on separate occasions how narrow her nose is. The vet called it "stenotic nares" I think.  He told me that she barely has a nose hole and because of that she is more prone to overheating and it is harder for her to breathe.  Now that I look at her closely, it is pretty obvious that her nose is mostly closed.  He has suggested a surgery to open her nose when she is spaying age.  I have noticed some of the symptoms in her already; yesterday she panted very hard after a walk that didn't even leave our other pug winded.  She also is VERY hot natured, has a tendency to drink a lot, and is a loud breather.  I've heard that their noses can open more naturally as they get older, and I have another 3-4 months before she is spaying age, but I was wondering if any of you have had the surgery or have any advice?  Thanks!


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