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degenerative disk disease

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degenerative disk disease

Post  meggiev777 on 7/1/2013, 11:56 pm

Hi all,
I'm writing because I'm worried about my Pug Frank. We're on vacation and I noticed that he seemed wobbly when I took him on walks, so I took him to a vet. He did b-day and diagnosed him with degenerative disk disease. I was ready to hear about hip dysplasia, but this threw me. I'm supposed to have him rest as much as possible, but now that he's on muscle relaxant and feeling better, he fights me every chance he gets. I know that he should rest as much as possible, but he will sneak down stairs, on the couch, etc. Any suggestions? We'll be home in about two weeks, and I have a crate there. Also, can someone tell me more about this? The vet says that it's possible to reverse it, but what does that even mean?
Meg Villanueva
Mom to Frank, a 7-year old


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