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Eye removal,support,advice....how does it affect you too?

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Eye removal,support,advice....how does it affect you too?

Post  nellymaybe on 8/24/2013, 8:52 am

Hello everyone, So my little lady has just had to have one of her eyes removed :(  common for the breed my vet told me and she was in a lot of pain too, she isn't now and seems to be doing well on it and shes no longer in pain which is the main thing. However, it's been a huge shock for me. I am still coming to terms with having a one eyed pug and i cant help but feel sad for my pug and guilty too, even though the vet told me this really wasn't my fault. I have been very upset and trying to look after my girl as best i can.
I am wondering if anyone else has felt like this after this operation? im also extremely paranoid now about the other eye so i am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to care for ones little pirate puggy?  

answers appreciated

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Re: Eye removal,support,advice....how does it affect you too?

Post  Pugsaunt on 8/24/2013, 6:19 pm

My take is that your girl (what is her name????) is adjusting nicely, and is probably happier without the pain.  We have several "winkers" in our membership - hopefully one will chime in soon with some advice.

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Re: Eye removal,support,advice....how does it affect you too?

Post  Imon on 8/24/2013, 8:31 pm

No actual experience, except for my last pug who injured his cornea and spent a summer being treated for an eye ulcer. I felt guilty, too. Felt I should have been able to keep his head out of whatever injured it, but it seemed he just stuck his head into a bush on an evening walk and a twig got his eye - short of only walking him up the middle of the street, don't know what I could have done differently. But I did feel responsible.

It sounds as if you made the best decision for your girl's comfort, after consulting with your vet. I had a terrier who went blind from a genetic issue and she adapted very well; your girl still has one eye, so she'll do even better!

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One eye

Post  Miss Pugg on 8/26/2013, 8:18 pm

I took in Buffy Pug when she was 10 and she had only one eye.  She got along very well.  I also had Josie,  Boston Terrier who lost an eye (University of Illinois) and she too got along fine.  No one would ever have known they were winkers altho kids, on our walks, would comment on the one eyed dogs.
Miss Pugg

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Re: Eye removal,support,advice....how does it affect you too?

Post  TNPUGMOMOF3 on 8/27/2013, 1:00 pm

I have had foster pugs with one eye, but none that I have had to go through the removal with. I know it bothers us way more than it does them and I think they are adorable with one eye! I also have a pug that although he has his eyes (sort of) they are so damaged that they do not work. If it wasn't for his age when he came into rescue we would have had them both removed.

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Re: Eye removal,support,advice....how does it affect you too?

Post  Milosmom on 8/27/2013, 8:50 pm

I have a friend who has a rescue Poodle with no eyes and a Pomeranian winker.  She was a nervous wreck but  fostered both of them during and after their removals before she became a "foster failure" and adopted them both.
 All in all ,she was the only one really "worried" about any of it as the dogs just kept on doing what dogs do. They don't have the emotions to worry like we do in those situations.
 Titan, the Poodle, couldn't see well at all when he was surrendered. He had a lot of pain/pressure so removing them brought him more comfort than anything and he didn't miss what didn't work anyways.  She did scent training to teach him the layout of the house from the time she brought him home since he couldn't see enough to help anyways so once the healing process was over , he was ready to romp like any healthy little guy would. If you aren't looking directly at him , you wouldn't know he didn't have eyes. He acts like every other dog around.

 Olivia, the Pomeranian came into rescue because of her injury.  She could see fine until she got big britches with a large neighbor dog and it done a number on her. The owners couldn't afford repair so signed her over. She was rushed to surgery and became a Winker. Pam drove herself nuts with worry about it and I finally told her to stop , she was over obsessing. As time passed , she was able to worry less/adapt/accept and focus on what is important in the moment.
 The only difference I can see in her is she keeps her head turned just a bit to see around her , compensating for both sides especially when she's in a hurry, but she doesn't let her slight handicap bother her and neither one of us treat her any different than we do any of our other furkids.  
 It's normal, as a human you have the worry capability & of course you don't WANT anything to happen to them or their remaining sight but really , it's doing no good for you to fret over it. 
There's no reason to worry about one eye more than you would if she still had 2 other than the same usual caution you would exercise anyways.
 I'm guessing you're the only one worried because chances are puggy sure isn't. She has more important things like food , love , naps , food to worry about. Very Happy

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Re: Eye removal,support,advice....how does it affect you too?

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