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My Pug is out of control

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My Pug is out of control

Post  Ikingkhan on 2/21/2015, 3:20 pm

Hi I have a pug since he was 1 month, now he is 1 year old. Since he was 6 month. we start taking him out right after he eat his food(3 times before, now 2 times, because change of diet). Here are some problems, I have with my dog, I hope someone can help me: 

-When we don't have time, we put a pee-pad home. Recently he has begun to eat/break the pee-pad, even though he has 4 toys with different material. He break the pad mostly, when we go to other room, where he can't enter or don't get attention while being with him in same room. He breaks it even if it’s clean. So I put it even if he breaks it, but he uses it correctly to pee and poo even broken.

-My pug has begun to eat the wood from the furniture, only when we are not in the same room. I have many times now fixed the wood and sprayed with "get off spray" but had no luck. He pees on his bed, even when it’s newly washed. I have stopped putting his bed in his room, so he sleeps on the furniture in the room, where he doesn’t pee.

-When I want to go out with my dog, it’s almost impossible to put the leash and harness, because he jumps and runs. I have tried to wait until he calm down, but he become crazy when he sees me moving to him with leach or harness. He has never been out, without hardness and leash, only way I can put hardness, is to hold him up on my hands and leash by catching him.

-Walking is also troublesome too. I make him walk behind me but if he sees any human, he wants to jump on their leg and is out of control. If he sees any food on ground, he eats it and runs, if in try to take it from him.

-When I’m going out without my dog, he jumps on my legs and dirty my cloth with his fur every time.

-My pug is losing much hair. My vet gave me pills for his fur to grow, but he keeps losing hair, even he has good amount fur after pills. I used to brush him daily, but now less because loss of much hair. He had skin problem before, when he was 5 month and was treated well.


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