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Post  Renee on 1/20/2011, 3:24 pm

Anyone have any experience with this?

I thought my Ichiro had a UTI, but he came back clear. No infection, no struvites. But, there was definitely something wrong down there. Some antibiotics cleared things up, and the vet said it could have been a case of prostatitus, even though he is neutered.

Does anyone have any knowledge to share?

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Re: Prostatitus

Post  Amanda on 1/20/2011, 8:52 pm

I don't have direct experience with just that but have experience with prostate cancer (not saying that to scare you - it's VERY rare) so I've read a lot about dog prostates. Is it a bacterial prostatitis or just a benign enlargement (which is a normal part of the aging process). My understanding is that if it's bacterial, it can take several weeks to treat. Only certain antibiotics can make their way to the prostate. Is/was he having any pee/poop issues? The prostate runs through the urethra and sits under the rectum so when it swells it can cause issues with elimination.

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