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Pug with Myasthenia Gravis/megaesphogus

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Pug with Myasthenia Gravis/megaesphogus

Post  simbasgamma on 1/20/2011, 11:45 pm

Hi Does anyone have a pug with MG and ME ? our 6 yr old pug has been diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis . Just looking for support . thanks


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Re: Pug with Myasthenia Gravis/megaesphogus

Post  Aussie Witch on 1/20/2011, 11:55 pm

I am sorry, I personally don't have any experience, but there are a lot of people around with a vast range of experiences, hopefully someone will chime in. I did a quick Google search to find out a little and while it's quite horrible, it does seem to be something that can be well managed long-term.

Welcome to PA, I wish it were under better circumstances, but you will get a lot of support and good advice here.
Aussie Witch

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Re: Pug with Myasthenia Gravis/megaesphogus

Post  PugLady3 on 1/21/2011, 10:27 am

Glad to see that you found your way over here. I've responded to some of your posts on PV. Our rescue has seen a several ME pugs over the last few years but unfortunately, the outcome was not good for any of them. I hope that Simba is doing ok.

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Re: Pug with Myasthenia Gravis/megaesphogus

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