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Aging at different rates...

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Aging at different rates...

Post  Renee on 5/23/2011, 1:22 pm

I'd like to talk about aging.

All my pugs are 7 years old right now, but it seems like Ichiro is aging at a much quicker rate. I know graying of the muzzle isn't really an indication... but still. His face is much grayer and he just seems older. He has the beginning of arthritis and he has spondylosis in his back.

So, I guess what I am asking, how can you tell that the aging process is progressing? Could it be that Ichiro is just aging sooner than the other two? What kinds of things do you change in your care of your dogs, as they age?

I am worried about over-reacting at normal aging, or under-reacting at something that is more than just an aging problem.

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Re: Aging at different rates...

Post  Saira on 5/23/2011, 1:38 pm

That's interesting-especially since all of yours are 7, so you can compare it. Mine all have gone gray pretty early so I don't really take that as much of an indication, but other than that, they still have their playful moments. But I think it is very individualized process-it's amazing how different 6 or 7 years old can act from pug to pug. Indy is still super hyper (he might actually be our most active pug) but Hooli actually seems to be getting more active as he ages-I don't know, maybe he has a Benjamin Button thing going on. Very Happy I do get them checked over ever 6 months though, just to make sure everything is ok, and once a year I try to do a bloodwork panel on them (especially Hooli as he is a senior now). I have them all on joint supplements, and I check them all over for lumps and bumps on a regular basis.


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Re: Aging at different rates...

Post  Buddy's Mom on 5/23/2011, 3:39 pm

The only one I have to compare with yours is Buddy. He is 7 years old, although he's graying at a pretty slow rate, he has arthritis in his spine and just seems to be feeling his age. He's on joint supplements as well. I would like to hope it's not indicative of a less than full life. That is my only worry with Buddy.
Buddy's Mom

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Re: Aging at different rates...

Post  smoochieface on 5/23/2011, 4:15 pm

I am definitely seeing a difference. Chester will be 10 this July and Bruno turned 9 last February. Leo is 6 1/2.

Chester has acted like a grumpy old man since he was 8 months old and he started greying really early, too, like by the time he was 1. But he's been in excellent shape (with the exception of a grade 1 MCT that was removed with clean margins about a year or two ago), no hip or joint problems, and had his first and last dental last year. He does sleep a lot these days.

Bruno is a beautiful specimen of a pug who didn't start greying until he was maybe 5 or 6. He will have his first dental this year. But Bruno has LP and he's already had one ACL replaced. We also think he is very nearly deaf and he is losing his eyesight. Bruno really needs to be carried up and down stairs now and he can't leap like he used to. We have seen the fastest signs of aging him so far.

Leo is our "baby" and at 6 1/2 has not shown any signs of aging or slowing down except for a little more grey around the mask.

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Re: Aging at different rates...

Post  Puggered on 5/24/2011, 10:22 pm

Definitely individuals age at different rates.
I have seen many cases of actual littermates raised in the same home where one aged significantly faster than the other.
The genetic lottery at work.

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Re: Aging at different rates...

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