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Stitch again...

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Stitch again...

Post  Stitch Chan on 1/23/2012, 9:41 am

Before stitch got his treasure taken away last week he had a bit of an pimple problem, well after his surgery the problem multiplied by 100. His entire jaw is covered in these pimple like things. We discussed it with our vet today, and she was telling us that it's not common or uncommon, she has apparently had issues with other dogs having the same issue's, they gave us some cream to apply and monitor it for the next few days, if it doesn't get any better our vet said she will test it.

Anyone else dealt with anything similar?

P.s the vet says that the more aggressive outbreak is more than likely a direct result of the lowered immune response after surgery?
Stitch Chan

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Re: Stitch again...

Post  Rebecca and the Pugs on 1/23/2012, 9:56 am

Have they done a skin scraping for demodex mange? My pug Bubba had it so badly when he came back into rescue at 8 months that he was almost completely bald.
Rebecca and the Pugs

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Re: Stitch again...

Post  PugMomto3 on 1/23/2012, 10:09 am

My Pug Pugsley, used to get these, but someone told me it was because I was using plastic bowls to feed him. I was. So once I switched to ceramic or metal they went away. Something about the bacteria not totally being elimnated when washed from the plastic bowls. Just a thought.

I used maleseb wipes to treat them. Good luck.

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Re: Stitch again...

Post  Tyson&LuLu'sMom on 1/23/2012, 10:30 am

I was going to ask what type of dishes you use for his water and food. If you're not using them already, I would switch to stainless steel, glass or even ceramic. They are less porous and don't hold in the bacteria from food, etc.

Mac had some pimples when he was younger and it did take a round of antibiotics to clear them up, but other than the occasional pimple it's pretty much under control.

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Re: Stitch again...

Post  Cathy on 1/23/2012, 12:42 pm

Edgar is suffering those right now. He looked terrible until the vet gave us some animax ointment. He also has been recently neutered, Dec. 29th. Coincidence, perhaps. He's fed and watered from stainless steel, so it's not the bowls. No advice, just sympathy from someone going through the same thing!

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Re: Stitch again...

Post  ocnside on 1/23/2012, 12:58 pm

Same with Julian, I switched to ceramic bowls, washing after each meal and wipes; ck wipes & malaket wipes. They look like stridex wipes and work well, it takes a few days though! Amazon has them and so does the vet. Not sure if the surgery has anything to do with it though...


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Re: Stitch again...

Post  Renee on 1/23/2012, 1:31 pm

My Ichiro went through a bout of these too when he was younger. I wonder if it is a young pug thing? Like teenagers with acne? Hehe.

I found that when my pugs ate a kibble with grains, they were all much more prone to pimples, hot spots, and yucky ears too.

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Re: Stitch again...

Post  elisemarie on 1/23/2012, 11:22 pm

hmmmm ...

My little luv, Toby used to get pimples - which would bleed if broken - on his muzzle if his face was not completely cleaned of food.

Toby, and now Bubba and A'chi eat and drink out of plastic bowls. Bubba has never had pimples, and A'chi does not seem prone to them. I do use scalding hot water to clean both their food and water bowls, and I clean their bowls at least once a day. I haven't been able to find ceramic bowls "Just for Pugs", but I'm still looking (any suggestions?).

I found this ...

Acne is not too common in dogs but I think of pugs as somewhat prone to it. I am not actually sure that is the case, though. They are also a little prone to getting demodectic mange as adults, so we usually try to do a skin scraping when the areas around the chin, lips, eyes or feet become inflamed in older pugs. The most common condition causing acne like lesions on the chin or lips is bacterial folliculitis, which if severe is referred to as furunculosis. The difference between these conditions is subtle but basically folliculitis is more due to skin infection and acne more due to keratinization defects, which can become infected secondarily.

The treatment for folliculitis if it is mild is usually benzoyl peroxide shampooing twice a week. This is an antibacterial shampoo that also helps with deep cleansing. If it doesn't work or if there is moderate to severe inflammation it may be necessary to use topical corticosteroids to control the inflammation and then long term antibiotic therapy (six to eight weeks) to control the infection. This can be a frustrating condition to treat in some dogs.

Contact allergies are sometimes thought to be an initiating cause for this condition. The most common contact allergies for this area are plastic food bowls and bedding materials like wool or cedar chips. I can't really tell you how often these things are a problem but it is easy to replace plastic feeding bowls with ceramic or stainless steel ones so we recommend doing that.

( from ... http://www.vetinfo.com/dlumps.html#b )

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Re: Stitch again...

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